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groovy script beautified

24. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

I rewrote my groovy-script to have better output:


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learning groovy…

11. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

… is like Alice climbing through the rabbit hole.

I just connected to a db, did a query from a table and printed out a selection of columns in just
2 lines of code, yes TWO LINES!

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groovy-script: lookup classes in jar-files

11. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

Recently I had following problem. I had a bunch of jar-files and I had to find out which jar-file was holding a specific class.

This is a common task, because your java-code told you that a class XY was not in you classpath, so you would have to search for it, if you don’t know already where to find it.

Since I had to do it already 2 times and as I am learning groovy I decided to write a short groovy-script
(are there long groovy-scripts?) which allows me to do that.

It is pretty straight-forward so here it is: searchJar.groovy

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Hudson has a groovy console

7. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

I am playing around with hudson as a integration server.

So far it is very nice and intuitiv, you can even trigger builds by email, mobile etc! And just
yesterday it has groovy-console builtin for monitoring maven2-builds!

Isn’t it a good day when you recover that your new tools already know each other? 😉

Although I have to admit that hudson lacks some features I would like to have such as
access-control per project. For now there is an access-control (LDAP, Matrix-like etc) for the whole build-server…

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