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not a leopard success story

6. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

Here is one of my ‚bad experience‘-stories about using leopard, be prepared!

Last week I decided to install ubuntu and turn my macbook into a triple boot system. The reason was curiosity of how well this can be acomplished.

But it went bad, very bad…. Mehr…

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Leopard, force backup for time machine

29. Januar 2008 Keine Kommentare

Time Machine is a good concept for backups, but when I connect my external harddrive I usually have to wait for 10-45minutes before the backup starts. There are 2 ways to force a backup instantly

  1. If you still have your time machine icon in the doc, you can ctrl-click it and select ‚backup now‘
  2. If you don’t, as I have because I like to have my dock as simple as possible, you can do it on the cmd-line. Yes cmd-line, hurray, linux forever, ahemm… sorry, short outburst…
    here is the command:
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