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Strange Google-Error

18. Juni 2009 Keine Kommentare

I was recently invited to a picasa photo-album, the image store service from google. When I clicked on the link to see details about the user, I received a very strange error message:

The page at says:
Something unusual has happened. hopefully, it is so unusual that you will never see this dialog again.
Error: -1

strange google-error

strange google-error

yubnub commands for go players

30. Januar 2009 Keine Kommentare

I recently restarted to play go, also on some turn-based go servers.

Usually I go to the servers website and check my games. I play on these servers:

Therefore I created two yubnub commands to display my game stats directly

dgos displays status on the dragongoserver
ogs displays game status on the online-go server

A command that was already created was sensei which does a search on the go wiki


18. Oktober 2008 Keine Kommentare

aaahhhh, wanna go back, now!

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fixing the locks in a svn repository

7. September 2008 Keine Kommentare

i recently run into an svn error. I could not update/commit whatsoever from/to the repository.
I run a svnadmin verify and discovered that the db-locks run out.

A quick search showed that I should upgrade the underlying berkley-db. I found a guide
to do this:


there is short term fix and a long term fix. thx for the good work!

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Convert mp3 to m4b -> Audiobooks

10. August 2008 4 Kommentare

There are a lot of tools available to convert mp3 files into m4b files, the
format for audiobooks on the iPods/iPhones.

However, I stille like to do it on the cmd-line. Its clean and fast. You just need to
have mpg123 and faac installed:

mpg123 -s input.mp3 | faac -b 80 -P -X -w -o output.m4b -
If you want to convert a whole directory of mp3 files, as it is the common desire, here
is the onliner:
for i in $(ls *mp3);  do mpg123 -s $i | faac -b 80 -P -X -w -o ${i%mp3}m4b -; done

You can find this cmd-lines also in my wiki.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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hosting on our server

28. Dezember 2007 Keine Kommentare

A friend of mine and I have rented a server for development and we’ll do a bit
of hosting for finance.

If you’re looking for cheap hosting, no mainstream-hoster, personal contact than
have a look @

In detail:

2 Informatikstudenten hosten dich billig auf diesem Server.
Für CHF 5.– pro Monat bekommst du
500 MB Speicherplatz
praktisch unlimitierten Traffic
1 Datenbank (MySQL)
20 Emailadressen, inkl. Spamfilter
unlimitierte Subdomains

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exams again

7. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

one down, three to go

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4. Juli 2007 Keine Kommentare

3 done one to go, until the 2 exams next week 🙁

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Strenge Zeit

1. Juli 2007 Keine Kommentare

That week I’ll have about 4 Exams, so blogging will surely be delayed…

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Neue Seite

27. April 2007 Keine Kommentare

Eine neue Seite von mir hat den Weg ins Netz gefunden. War zwar ne Zangengeburt das Teil vom Provisorium von meinem Host auf den neuen zu zügeln, aber finalmente hats geklappt. Jetzt muss Julius nur noch den Content machen 😉


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