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Father! (Again!)

19. August 2008 1 Kommentar

Since today 3:55am, a beautiful daughter joined our family!

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the future of logins

26. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

a kids story:

I installed edubuntu on a very old laptop of mine for my son, 6 years old now. I figured it maybe time he has a computer available to him. The need came because he wanted to build his lego trains, which require a software from the lego-homepage to display a build-map for a specific train. I created an account for him with his firstname and the password with his second-name.

When the login-window popped up I told him to type his name in, which he did, father beeing proud ;). After
that a prompt came for the password. I explained my son that he has to ‚enter his secondname‘

And my son bent forward to the screen and said loud and clear ‚leon‘ and waited, full of expectations, to be logged in!

ROFL, but he may actually be able to do that in his lifetime…..

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and the winner is …

11. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

my daughter Andreina!!!!! 😉
andreina the winner

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historical day

22. Februar 2008 Keine Kommentare

This is a historical day, for me at least.

My firstborn boy has lost his first milk tooth! First step into adulthood?

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marry me

3. Februar 2008 Keine Kommentare

This morning my daughter, 4 years old, asked me:

dad, can i marry you?

I was humbly touched and answered:

sorry, I am already married to mom.

She answered:

You know, It’s just so: nobody else came to my mind right now.

Luckily she is not in any rush to marry. 😉

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Kids on xmas

28. Dezember 2007 1 Kommentar

My kids really enjoyed this years christmas. They were so excited. My daughter
wanted to ask to light the candles and to open the presents, but she asked instead:

dad, when do we set the presents on fire?

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Bereit für Kinder?

24. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

Der ultimative Test von

via Leumund

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Pirates of the Kinderkrippe

11. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

Meine Tocher (3.5 Jahre alt) kommt heute mit 2 Schwerten (= 2 Holzstöcke) nach Hause und findet:

Mit dene bin i wiä dä tschäk spärru gäll?

Tja, vor dem Marketing solcher Firmen ist wohl niemand sicher.

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10. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

Bin mit Marvin heute an der Fritschi-Wiese baden gegangen.

Zu dem vielen Abfall der auf der Wiese rumlag meinte Marvin:

Guck mal den den vielen Abfall an. So eine Abfallverschwendung!


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Andreina Wortschöpfung

20. Mai 2007 Keine Kommentare

Andreina hat letzthin (wieder) ein Wort erfunden. Wir waren am Eisenbahn spielen und natürlich sass ich wieder mal da wo Sie ein Geleise legen wollte. Sie meinte:

Pass uf, suscht wirsch überschinelet!

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