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mash yubnub

31. Januar 2009 1 Kommentar

a usefull thing is to mash up yubnub commands:

to launch a search for the term ‚einstein‘ in wiki, google and google image: ‚mash2 einstein -cmd wp g gim‚ which creates
a framed page with all three resultpages. The result above is certainly not representative, as it is not very readable, unless you have a huge screen.

A more useful version would be ‚mash2 torchwood -cmd epguide iso‚, which displays the result of and the search result of isotorrents for the tv series named ‚Torchwood.

You can use this command also with no searchstring at all. For example, if you are a baduk player like me:
mash2 -cmd dgos ogs‚ which displays the games stats on the dragongoserver and

Most of the yubnub commands are also in my wiki

added later: On a website of one of the commentors (yeah, I actually had one), there is also the option multi instead of mash. Thanks for your article gomelet

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yubnub commands for go players

30. Januar 2009 Keine Kommentare

I recently restarted to play go, also on some turn-based go servers.

Usually I go to the servers website and check my games. I play on these servers:

Therefore I created two yubnub commands to display my game stats directly

dgos displays status on the dragongoserver
ogs displays game status on the online-go server

A command that was already created was sensei which does a search on the go wiki

Find a specific class in your maven repository

8. Januar 2009 Keine Kommentare

If you don’t want to use findjar, you can use a groovy script.

You can use the following:

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Shusaku Number

5. Januar 2009 Keine Kommentare

I found out for go players there is an equivalent to the Erdos-Number, the Shusaku-Number

After some research I found out that my Shusaku-Number is 7. The path is following:
Honinbo Shusaku (0) — Iwasaki Kenzo (1) — Honinbo Shusai (2) — Iwamoto Kaoru (3) — Takagawa Kaku (4) — Saijo Masataka (5) — Dominik Schuhmacher(6) — Martin Knoller Stocker(7)

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