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I iPhone

12. Juli 2008 Keine Kommentare

Last friday was the day the iPhone 3G has been sold in Switzerland.

Swisscom was to organize a preshopping event, starting at midnight. People started queing already at 2pm and when I got there at 7.30 pm I was the 150th person in the queue.

Sadly the event was badly organized, except the snacks. Nobody took care of the queing. Yes, we are not in England, so people don’t know about queing.

The result was that people like me waited for 7 hours straight while other people just walked in and got one. They made me angry and at the same time they made me feel like a fool.

My last resort was the early-bird sale, starting at 6.30 am.

I got up at 5.50 and started the laundry machine. Yes, it was laundry day and I got just 3 hours of sleep, but laundry is important too. 😉

I got on my bike and rode to the nearest Swisscom-Shop, about 300m and I was the 8th person in line. 5 minutes later there were already 20 wanna-be-customers like me in line. A quarter hour later the shop manager
announced that there were only 13 devices at this agency, so I finally was among the lucky ones!!

An hour later I was at home, waking the kids for the kindergarten and then, only then, I could initiate my brand new iPhone over iTunes, sponsored as a birthday present.

And my kids finally got a new puzzle box;)


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