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the future of logins

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a kids story:

I installed edubuntu on a very old laptop of mine for my son, 6 years old now. I figured it maybe time he has a computer available to him. The need came because he wanted to build his lego trains, which require a software from the lego-homepage to display a build-map for a specific train. I created an account for him with his firstname and the password with his second-name.

When the login-window popped up I told him to type his name in, which he did, father beeing proud ;). After
that a prompt came for the password. I explained my son that he has to ‚enter his secondname‘

And my son bent forward to the screen and said loud and clear ‚leon‘ and waited, full of expectations, to be logged in!

ROFL, but he may actually be able to do that in his lifetime…..

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groovy script beautified

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I rewrote my groovy-script to have better output:


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Fixed ‚View Javadoc in external Browser‘ in IntelliJ IDEA

15. März 2008 3 Kommentare

An annoyance in IntelliJ IDEA was that the command ‚View Javadoc in external Browser‘ did not work
per default on a mac. On a mac with it’s own java sources the api-doc are located inside a jar and therefore
not able to browse through a normal webbrowser. (If you know a browser which can handle a jar://xxx address let me now in a comment)

IntelliJ does not open or extract those files per default so I did by hand with:

cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Home
jar xf docs.jar // this will extract the contents of the jar
jar xf appledocs.jar // dito

No we need to point IntelliJ to the extracted files. Open your Preferences -> Project Preferences.
Click on the desired JDK and then click on the tab ‚javadocs‘. Remove the old entries for the jar and enter
the extracted path

Not it works. To test it, move the cursor to a class,member whatever and press <Shift>+<F1>. The appropriate javadoc should open in your default browser.

This is not a bug fix, just a bad default configuration. I’d like to see this fixed in the next release…

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IntelliJ IDEA

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7.0.3 is out now. get it!

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Every build you break

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A song about Agile Software Development by Sting?
Really really good, You ought to see that:

Youtube link

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and the winner is …

11. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

my daughter Andreina!!!!! 😉
andreina the winner

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learning groovy…

11. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

… is like Alice climbing through the rabbit hole.

I just connected to a db, did a query from a table and printed out a selection of columns in just
2 lines of code, yes TWO LINES!

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groovy-script: lookup classes in jar-files

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Recently I had following problem. I had a bunch of jar-files and I had to find out which jar-file was holding a specific class.

This is a common task, because your java-code told you that a class XY was not in you classpath, so you would have to search for it, if you don’t know already where to find it.

Since I had to do it already 2 times and as I am learning groovy I decided to write a short groovy-script
(are there long groovy-scripts?) which allows me to do that.

It is pretty straight-forward so here it is: searchJar.groovy

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Hudson has a groovy console

7. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

I am playing around with hudson as a integration server.

So far it is very nice and intuitiv, you can even trigger builds by email, mobile etc! And just
yesterday it has groovy-console builtin for monitoring maven2-builds!

Isn’t it a good day when you recover that your new tools already know each other? 😉

Although I have to admit that hudson lacks some features I would like to have such as
access-control per project. For now there is an access-control (LDAP, Matrix-like etc) for the whole build-server…

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not a leopard success story

6. März 2008 Keine Kommentare

Here is one of my ‚bad experience‘-stories about using leopard, be prepared!

Last week I decided to install ubuntu and turn my macbook into a triple boot system. The reason was curiosity of how well this can be acomplished.

But it went bad, very bad…. Mehr…

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