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Pattern matching in Java

27. September 2007 1 Kommentar

I did some pattern matching in java some years ago. Here is how i did it:


At last my wiki has a java category

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paint in web2.0

24. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

A usesfull tool to draw online. I use it to draw sketches and models during lectures. It allows me to save them and include them in my google-documents.

[LINK] obviously sponsered by GM

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Yubnub command for my Wiki

16. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

I have created a command for searching in my wiki.

Command description here.

You can find a lot of yubnub-commands in the wiki

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My Superhero Lover

12. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

A funny Test to get your superhero-partner:
Link from morgan

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10. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

2 down 2 to go!

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LinuxSwords Wiki

10. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

lstux1.pngI have played a while with to find a suitable wiki for me. I wanted to have a place to store cribs and I thought a wiki might be a good place for this.

You are invited to add your own stuff to it! You can found the wiki at
or at I’m still looking for a good Icon, does anyone of you know where to find tux-images? If so, please leave a comment.

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Wanted: Tux

7. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

I’m looking for a Icon for LinuxSwords. A tux with a sword would be great! Can anyone of you help me out with some links? Please post them as a comment!
thx martin

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exams again

7. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

one down, three to go

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wimi, my new golden egg from yubnub

4. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

I already wrote several times about yubnub.

Now I have found a new golden egg: wimi

It takes one argument and automatically makes a mindmap with hyperlinks from wikipedia! If you find that usefull, please leave a comment.

Here a screenshot of the result ‚wimi SOAP‘

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Bill Gates macht ein Geständnis

3. September 2007 Keine Kommentare

Und zwar mit

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