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vi/vim plugin for eclipse

28. Juni 2007 2 Kommentare

I just discovered: there is a new plugin for eclipse: a vi/vim plugin. Now there are 2 plugins available. Until I used the vi-plugin from satokar. The new one is from sourceforge and therefore free and opensource and the other one is commercial -> one of the rare occasions where I actually paid for software…

Inspired by Jazoon I’m playing with netbeans 5.5 and will soon also try IntelliJ which is commercial but has the rumour to be the best IDE ever. BTW, I also heard from Yakov, the Leader from JUG.RU, that if you develop an opensource-project, you get a license for free! Can anyone confirm this?

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Jazoon, Day 2

27. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

I was at several technical sessions and also attended the keynotes from Roy T. Fielding and Philipp H. Oser, By the way, does everyone has a second name? I’ll call myself Martin T. Knoller Stocker, or shorter MTKS. (Design by Buzzword or Design by Acronym).

I visited

The were to detailed to go into detail but the SOA Session was quite impressive. I’ll add JBoss and ESB to my learning list. The JMaki Session was also good. It’s one of the ‚2-klicks-and-you-have-your-application‘-frameworks, actually a ‚drag-and-drop‘-framework using AJAX-Components and it’s easy to customize via css etc. It has lot of builtin components from DOJO, GOOGLE, YAHOO, etc. Also worth exploring …

By the way, IT seems again to be the science of acronyms and abreviations 😉

Today I won’t be able to attend to the Jazoon-conference due to a project-presentation at my university so I will miss the keynote from Erich Gamma and the technical session in the morning…

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Jazoon and IPod

26. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

Unbelievable! Luck seems to love me! First I won a ticket to jazoon and today I won an IPod Nano at the Jazoon Conference. To be exactly from Edoras. I hope lady luck does not change her mind and kick my assbutt tomorrow. In that case I’ll enjoy it until then 😉

I took a good look at the edoras framework yesterday and I have let the people there explain to me what it does and what it’s capabilities are. I was impressed. At sunday they had a tutorial in which they have built a functional ticket-system within a few hours. I don’t feel obligated to ad for edoras but I really thought it was worth exploring for me. It’s not one of these ‚2 and a half click and my webapp is finished‘-frameworks no, it looks fairly complex but one can get into it very fast if familiar with concepts of ORM, MVC etc. In addition to the IPod I also won a training/teaching session for the edoras framework so I will get a chance to do that.

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Jazoon After Hours Party

26. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

That party was missing something: me! I was at home singing my children to sleep while other Jazooners (yeah, they called us Jazooners) were celebrating that the word Jazoo does not have a meaning.

As Roy Fielding said today in his keynode speach:

Don’t design-by-buzzword!


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Jazoon, Impossible Possibilites or Impossible Impossibilities?

25. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

My last technical session today was Impossible Possibilities from Michael Wiedeking from Mathema. Though the title was promising the speach was not what I had expected. I expected some new concepts but what i most saw were hacks. There were some funny hacks though Mehr…

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Grokking SOA

25. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

I just finished hearing Grokking SOA by Gregg Sporar from Sun Microsystems.

He demonstrated how easy it is do connect WebServices with the Netbeans IDE. BIPL was the keyword. It was a pretty simple example but the simplicity does not scale much with the complexity of the application. I might switch to Netbeans after all. Tomorrow I’ll attend to the netbeans demonstration.

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Jazoon begins

25. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

The Java Converence Jazoon has just began. As espected there are a lot of people form all over the world. I just had a nice chat with Dinko Srkoc from Croatia which has also won a free ticket for the conference in a coding-competition. Also I met the JUG-Leader from Russia, which won the first price in the same competition as Dinko. Nice people!

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Menschliches Tetris

24. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

Typisch Japan, oder ist das was uns im TV noch fehlt?

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Bereit für Kinder?

24. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

Der ultimative Test von

via Leumund

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Video Capturing

17. Juni 2007 Keine Kommentare

I was looking for a tool to capture videos from my desktop. First i tried x11rec, but the output is a *.mng file which is an outdatet movie-format. The only alternative output is a *.gif file but i wanted an mpg-file. Unfortunately fmpeg couldn’t handle the format either so I investigated a little bit more.

I finally found xVidCap which installs just fine with a *.deb file. It looks a bit old but it’s an easy to handle and pretty intuitive to use.

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