Intellij Plugin Approved

7. Januar 2014 Keine Kommentare

Jetbrains approved the plugin!

If you still develop with Tapestry 4.1 as some of us must – get the plugin at or via Setting->Plugins Menu in Intellij IDEA.

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Tapestry 4 Plugin for Intellij IDEA

6. Januar 2014 Keine Kommentare

I wrote a very simple plugin for Intellij IDEA to handle Tapestry 4.1 projects.

  • Switching between between html components and it’s java counterparts control alt shift J
  • Allows to navigate from a ognl expression to its java counterpart control alt shift K
  • Add LineMarker in html site allowing to switch to java counterpart.
  • basic code completion

Nothing fancy, based on string comparison.

The plugin is waiting for approval on Jetbrains and the Source code is available at github

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Binary systems are simple

23. Dezember 2010 Keine Kommentare

Binary systems are really simple.

They have only three states:
1. true
2. false
3. broken

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lego mindstorms nxt does fold our t-shirts

2. Oktober 2010 Keine Kommentare

my son got an nxt for birthdaty and we already put to an practical use!

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28. August 2010 Keine Kommentare

“ There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. Phil Karlton


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Introducing the Google Command Line Tool – Google Open Source Blog

22. Juni 2010 Keine Kommentare

Introducing the Google Command Line Tool

viaIntroducing the Google Command Line Tool – Google Open Source Blog.

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grep for intersection in files

4. Juni 2010 Keine Kommentare

grep -Fx -f file1 file2
intersection between two files

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Google Reader (5)

30. April 2010 Keine Kommentare

$ vi +/pattern [file]

Open up vi or vim at the first instance of a pattern in [file]. Useful if you know where you want to be, like "PermitRootLogin" in sshd_config. Also, vi +10 [file] will open up a file at line 10. VERY useful when you get "error at line 10" type of output.

viaGoogle Reader (5).

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10 Tools To Add Some Spice To Your UNIX Shell Scripts

22. April 2010 Keine Kommentare
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Visual jQuery 1.1

21. April 2010 Keine Kommentare

Visual jQuery 1.1.

cool visual jquery api reference

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